Cobra 289

Cobra 289 Spec sheet

We manufacture  FIA 289 Cobra’s to the Original Specification, with all Aluminium body, fiberglass footboxes, fiberglass wheelwell, all aluminium inner panels and comes with removable peddle box, and original type roll bar. Chassis is manufactured with 3” x .125 CDS tube ladder chassis, and original  leaf spring suspension as historic racing FIA holomagation, all cobra body’s come with original style Lights, Door locks and Boot and bonnet locks.

289 Cobra suspension; includes the car set up to FIA wheel track, and customers Camber, and chassis ride height from 120mm to 170mm, with adjustable front and rear suspension arms, 6 pin drive hubs,  cast iron uprights, and cast iron front trunnions,  Girling brake system with cast iron brake discs. And original Steering rack, and motolite steering wheel and column,

Options for FIA racing spec;

  • A 6 point removable roll cage manufactured to FIA spec,
  • Original fuel tank with le mans extension,
  • 125 litre Bag tank,
  • Le mans roof panel, with sidescreens and polished cant gutter rails,
  • Tillet drivers racing seat,
  • Heated glass windscreen,
  • Full engine, Gearbox, diff, breathing system,
  • Differential oil cooler system,
  • Engine oil cooler system,
  • Cast iron differential,
  • Fluidlyne radiator
  • Serk oil cooler,
  • Original style handbrake,
  • Original style FIA exhaust headers,
  • Peddle box fresh air system,
  • Peddle box heat shields, (stainless steel),
  • Magnesium wheels and Dunlop tyres,
  • Front and rear brake cooling system,

Other options available;

  • Original style seats, Untrimmed,
  • Original style seat runners,
  • Original style single fuel tank,
  • Original style roll bar,
  • Original style aluminium wheels,
  • Quick release steering wheel hub,
  • Windscreen,
  • Le mans roof panel, inc sidescreens.
  • Ally case or cast iron case differential,Original style handbrake

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